Casting Call

Looking for Inspiring Models

Deadline 12/31/16


Please read carefully, I do not have time to waste I am only looking for serious Men and Women. If I feel you are a great fit I will contact you. If you do not follow the directions below, I will not contact you.


I am working on a new project that is bigger and more exciting than any project I have ever worked on. I am currently looking for Men and Women, who have the look and dreamed about being a model but have no clue on how to make it happen. This project will help grow your online presence, build up your portfolio and help you earn money on the side while making a difference in people's lives. To Learn more about it click HERE.



Women 5'9+ Fashion or Fitness build, Age 18-26 (legal age, not what people perceive you to be)

     Men 6'0+ Fashion or Fitness build, Age 18-26 (legal age, not what people perceive you to be)


You MUST currently live in L.A. county. I'm not looking for individuals who will be moving to L.A. or travel in between L.A. and another city. You must currently live in L.A. If you are a college student from another state going to school in L.A. county you are eligible.


You must be a U.S. Citizen.


You can not have an exclusive contract with an Acting/Modeling agency. In case you did not know, if you are signed exclusively, making money outside of your agency may be a breach of your contract.



If you are interested and you meet the requirements follow the instructions below.


Send one email to with the following


1.Write your First and Last Name, followed by the current city in L.A. County you live in.


2.Write your age, followed by your height, weight, Ladies dress size, Gentlemen waist size.


3.Write your Instagram username, the numbers of followers is not important, we want to see who you are.


4. Attach 4 photos, one head to toe facing forward in swimwear hands by your side, guys wear trunks no shirt, and a second photo this time a side profile head to toe. The third photo will be a picture from your chest up, if you have shoulder length or long hair tie it up in a bun or ponytail. You will smile with your teeth showing. The final picture will be from chest up, hair tied up if your hair is shoulder length or longer, but this time you will not smile. Your face will stay in a natural state. Ladies no make up, mascara is ok especially for light colored eyelashes. We are strict about the no make up and that goes for the men as well.


5.Write a paragraph explaining who you are. You can tell us about your favorite hobbies, what type of music you like, what type of sports you play and what other talents you have. Keep in mind a paragraph has around 5 sentences. One line is not a paragraph.


6.Write down your favorite color.


7. Write down all the languages you speak fluently.


8. If you attended college write down the name of your college and your major.


9. If you are a certified fitness trainer let us know.


10. If you are signed to an agency (non exclusive) write down the name of the agency(s).


That's it!


Thank you for your time, and good luck to everyone, I am very excited to see this project take off!

-Clyph Jean-Philippe