Welcome Everyone!

    My name is Clyph Jean-Philippe, I am a photographer in Los Angeles, California. I am working on an awesome new project. I am not promising it will change the world but it will make an impact on peoples lives. Code Taylor  (temporary name till the project launches, name is already chosen) will be geared towards College students. When I went to college I had so many insecurities about the future, self image, my talent, and relationships. As I got older and being surrounded by people who have overcame these insecurities it has helped me tremendously.


 I am now 30 years old, I have had so many college students come up to me and tell me how they feel their life is over! At first my reaction was to say "Really Kid!" Then flood of memories that are still so fresh comes rushing back to me. I remember that feeling of being lost. So without going further in more sad sappy stories let me break down what Code Taylor is!


Inspiring college students with using real life examples of other fellow college students who have face similar challenges and how they are over coming them. 

Interviews with successful business owners.

Creating a huge platform for Independent Artist, Musician, Clothing Brands, Films

Educating college students in Fitness, Health, Beauty and Business

Discovering new Talent and bringing them a larger audience.

Feeding the homeless and helping the poor through out the world.

Independent is our Culture, Being Human is our Philosophy!

So where does the models fit in?

The Fashion and Fitness industry models have been given a bad rep. My goal is to show their human side. Get to hear about their daily struggles, what they had to do to over come. Shoot short films, and set up huge campaigns with Independent clothing brands.

Where do you fit in?

Code Taylor can run on its own very slowly as it gets endorsement, advertisers, and clothing brand campaigns, but for it to make a bigger impact  in the saturated web it will need funding. $40,000 will help pay for all the legal papers, Interviews with key people, traveling expenses to events, printing materials, and etc. This is just a small portion on how much it will eventually cost to keep it running. Code Taylor from the beginning will  generate income, and will increase as it grows.


   To Start Code Taylor on it's mission 50% of every donation (only)  after paypal takes its fees out, will go to help send a child in Haiti to school. The average cost to send a child to School in Haiti is $200 which doesn't seem like much, but when you consider minimum wage is $4.82 a day and the average family makes $350 a year every thing helps.

If you want to be part of this mission click on the donate button!

If you are a model and you want to be part of this project click HERE.

If you are a Clothing company that wants to shoot a campaign with us, message me at ubwinc@gmail.com

Thank you everyone for your time!

Clyph Jean-Philippe