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Imagine being able to capture a brief moment of your life when all your hard work paid off. Five years from now will you have something to remember it by, what about 10 years?

Are you going to frantically look for the Instagram photo with the "right" filter to post on your wall at home?


Are you going to dust off your cell phone and show your children's children how amazing you look and tell them why the photos of you were blurry or not well lit. 

Do you want sponsors or agencies to take you seriously?

One thing I take pride in, is my ability to make people comfortable especially if they have never modeled before. I provide directions on posing and I am very patient with beginners.


For models who want to take their career further, I teach on how to get sign with an agency and how to grow their social media presence organically.


Modeling photography with me is not only for those who want to be models, but those who want to feel like a model and have pictures to cherish for a lifetime.



"My husband and I did a fitness photo shoot with Clyph for our 5 year anniversary gift to each other and it was one of our most favorite experiences. Not only is Clyph talented behind the lens but he made us feel comfortable and at ease even with the most scandalous of photos. From never doing anything like this before there were so many times we felt awkward and he could gauge it and quickly assured us that we looked great and natural. Clyph also made the whole experience fun. We've never laughed so hard and enjoyed ourselves with what tended to be a grueling long day of posing. He made it feel like an adventure. We were even talking about doing it again while the shoot was still happening! Never once did we doubt his advice or guidance and the pictures are the proof of his talent. We know for a fact that if we were to do this again there's no question we'd have Clyph as our photographer. We're so thankful to have witnessed and been a part of Clyph's gift and we will forever cherish the unbelievable photos we got from it." 

Brian & Amber

"It was an amazing experience. I know I'm no model, but your direction, and kind spirit really helped me. I look so confident in these photos. It means a lot to me, and very privileged you wanted to help me. Thank you Clyph, from the bottom of my heart. " -Pablo 




Portfolio Review

Social Media Assistance

Comp Cards

Business Cards

Website that Converts


Book Now!

Spots are limited! Book your shoot now so you will not regret later. There are payment plans available as well. Feel out the contact below with what type of shoot you want to do, location and what month you are hoping to shoot. Please leave your email and phone number so I can contact you. Thank you! -Clyph

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